Equipment for drivers to monitor their vehicles safe operation

DriveCam Install a camera to monitor driver behavior.  Marketed to fleets and Teen Drivers

Driver’s Alert Improving Safety, Lowering Costs. One Driver At A Time with a monitoring program for fleets and teen drivers.

The Safe Driving Monitor A keychain device that monitors speed, distance and sudden braking.

Monitor and track your teen driver with MobileTEEN GPS™ real-time feedback.

Speed (SpeedAlertSM)
Current Vehicle Location (TeenLocateSM)
Unapproved Locations (GeoFenceSM)
Vehicle is Moved or Stolen (ForceFieldSM)
Find Vehicle Now (VoiceLocateSM)

IsMyKidDrivingSafe An© bumper sticker on the back of the vehicle your teen is driving is almost as a good an encouragement to safe driving as having Mom or Dad in the passenger seat. For the teen driver, just knowing that poor driving is likely to be reported to a parent is a strong deterrent to irresponsible driving.


All-in-one Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Easy as 1-2-3!
No tools or automotive expertise required! Just plug CarChip into the OBDII port (easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel) and it reads and stores data from your car’s on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance.


Using advanced micro-processor technology, DriveRight 600E constantly monitors your vehicle’s speed, sending data to an interactive on-board LCD display console. Drivers can see their driving performance in real time. Console displays time, distance, top speed, and average speed. Audible alarms with user-settable limits for speed, acceleration, and deceleration give instant feedback to drivers. Automatically creates an accident log whenever there is a sudden deceleration. Prevents unauthorized changes to data or thresholds, monitors multiple drivers through ID codes, protects data, and allows monitoring of brake lights, seatbelts, power take off switch, headlights. Enough memory for 600 trips and 10 accident logs.

Speed Demon by

Driving Safety and Teen Privacy

Parents need to know that their teens are driving safely. Teens want their privacy.

With the Speed Demon Teen Driving Monitor everybody wins.  You know if your teens are driving safely on both highways and back roads. Your teens keep their privacy when they obey your driving rules.

Operation costs less than 50¢ a day. Avoiding even one speeding ticket will save you hundreds of dollars. You will also see increased fuel economy and reduced maintenance when your teen obeys your driving rules.

Use the breakthrough technology of the Speed Demon Teen Driving Monitor to know that your teens are driving safely and give your teens the privacy that they deserve.


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